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The story of Rancho Alena begins in the late 1950's when Guido Guaspari ventures out to pursue his dream of ranching and raising grass fed Black Angus cattle. The ranch was founded by Guido & Lena Guaspari and it would end up becoming a gathering place for family and friends alike and would create lifetime memories for all who visited.

GuidoThe ranch was located alongside the San Joaquin River in the small farming town of Bethel Island, Ca. The combination of fertile soils, mild climate, and an abundance of water would prove to be the perfect environment for growing lush green pastures and raising grass fed cattle. There were many chores that went along with ranching so it was a good thing Guido and Lena had plenty of grandchildren to rely on to help out with the work load. Their only son Albert, along with his wife Norma and their six children would spend weekends and summers on the ranch and were all to eager to help out with any chores thrown their way. No matter what it was, be it branding, gathering cattle, irrigating pastures or fence mending, Guido never had to look far for helping hands. As time passed with this endeavor, the ranching lifestyle and everything that went with it, would prove to leave a lasting impression on one of Guido's younger grandsons that could not be forgotten.

Nobody really knew it at the time but Guido's grandson James would grow up to share his same passion for ranching and raising cattle and today James is at the helm taking his grandfather's dream to the next level.

Rancho Alena today is engaged in raising all natural beef in a holistic environment that is sustainable on all levels. On our ranch we utilize 100% free range grazing practices over the entire life of the animal. These practices are indeed costly but are also what we believe to be the single most important factor in the quality and taste of our beef. A simple 'You get out what you put in' philosophy. To truly understand the complexity of our beef program please visit the 'our beef' page for a full and in depth description of what we do.

Our beef is raised exclusively for the Avenir Restaurant Group whose founder and owner, Greg St.Claire, is an active partner in the ranch operations. Avenir Restaurant Group owns and operates some of the finest restaurants on the San Francisco Peninsula. Please click on the link to visit their site.


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