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At 'Rancho Alena' we are fully engaged and focused on raising only 100% All Natural Black Angus Beef. Now, as simple and straight forward as that may sound, it is actually a very complex and time consuming process that we have developed in order to produce what we refer to as 'True All Natural Beef'. It took us almost 4 years of experiments to develop and fine tune our program until we finally produced a product that we felt to be perfect on all levels and at this point we stopped experimenting and adopted this formula as our signature recipe.


Grain MixHere are some highlights of our All Natural beef program. All of our cattle are California born and raised and are 100% Black Angus or Angus/ Wagyu crosses. Our cattle herd will freely roam the ranch grazing fresh grasses consisting of alfalfa, wild oats, red top clover and other legumes and are fed orchard grass and alfalfa hay during the summer/winter months. Our beef steers live on the main ranch until 12 months of age and then are sent to the finish ranch and will be fed a specially developed mix of brewers mash and various fruits for the last 9 months before harvest. We call our beef 'Grass Fed & Brewery Finished' The brewers mash consists of oats and barley and we add in fruits such as cherries, plums, and apple pressings. This mash is brought to them everyday in the spacious pastures. This method is known as a 'long feed' program and it's a very time consuming process, but, it allows the steers to grow and develop at a natural pace and it produce wonderfully marbled, tender beef. Our mash is also very copacetic with the bovine digestive system and they are thriving at all times. Our steers are harvested at around 21 months of age and then will be dry aged in special coolers for 28 days before heading to the butcher. Our beef consistently grades at prime and our signature hamburger blend is not only dry aged but is also derived from one single animal, which in itself is a unique concept. Our beef is also 'source verified' meaning we track and manage every single animal from the day it is born to the day it is harvested and we keep 100% control of our product all the way through the USDA cut and wrap process making our Natural beef a true pasture to plate experience. Enjoy!





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