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The new Rancho Alena is located in the foothills of Northern California in the small farming town of Loma Rica. We run our cattle on over 1400 acres with a dedicated plot of 200 acres set aside for the cattle that are in the 'finishing' stages of their development. The topography here is that of gently rolling hills and meadows that offer a bucolic setting for our cows to live and raise their calves. We provide and maintain a stress free environment for our cattle and are practicing every known method of natural animal stewardship ever developed along with a few of our own developed methods. Cattle thrive on our ranch!

We are proponents of sustainable farming and are also passionate about protecting and maintaining our rangelands and watersheds. We are always eager to learn about new ways to improve our land and are constantly studying new research involving California Rangelands. Please visit the 'ranch photos' page to see just how beautiful it is out here.

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